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Resources Update - We Need Your Feedback!

With the help of our new intern Mikaela Savarese, we are working to revise our website's resource page. We would love to hear from you to get your feedback and learn what you would like to see from us.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if:

  • There are resources you're looking for that we do not have listed

  • You have had any issues with accessibility and/or navigating the page

  • You have used the resources already on our website and have insights on the LGBTQ+ competency of the providers

  • You have any other feedback!

We hope to provide the best services possible, and we appreciate your input greatly.

You can contact Mikaela at with any questions or insights. A little more about Mikaela - she is a current senior at Wheaton College, MA studying psychology and public health. They are interested in pursuing a career in clinical mental health and advocacy.


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