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Volunteer with Seacoast Outright


Youth Group Facilitators

We are currently rethinking our facilitator structure- check back soon!


Educational Outreach Presenters

Our Educational Outreach Team is looking for volunteers to help facilitate LGBTQIA+ cultural proficiency trainings with nonprofit organizations, schools, and other groups.

This is a great opportunity to use your lived experience to increase community acceptance!


We're looking for volunteers for our social media team for Seacoast Outright and for Portsmouth Pride NH!

If you have 1 to 2 hours per week to volunteer, email us at

Social Media Team

Interested in volunteering for a specific project? 

If any of these tasks interest you, please reach out to

Referall Listings

We are constantly being asked for referrals (for both adults and youth), especially for therapists and physicians, but also for other needs. Someone who has the patience to review other directories, make phone calls, and put together lists, would be well appreciated.

Data Entry

looking for a volunteer who likes staying in, likes being on their computer, likes meditative, repetitious tasks, and can manage some simple data entry for us. You will be joining our Fundraising Team and helping with donor management, so you wouldn't be totally on your own!

Stay tuned for updates on volunteer opportunities!

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