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For 28 years, Seacoast Outright has been one of the only resources available to LGBTQ+ youth in the Seacoast area. Our service to the community began in the 1990s, when a group of concerned parents met at a conference that would spark the idea for the organization. Since then, we have never lost the passion that brought those organizers together.

Through educational programs, annual Pride celebrations, and youth support groups, our mission has always been to create a safe space for youth to explore the topics of gender and sexuality in a welcoming and understanding environment.

Above all else, Seacoast Outright strives to protect and foster community, empathy, and security. From 1993 to today, we have always known the importance of supporting those who need it most, and we hope to go forward to build a brighter future where everyone is understood, valued, and protected.

About Seacoast Outright



Our Leaders

Meet our Executive Director Hershey Hirschkop and the Board of Directors that make our work possible.

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Learn how a small group of volunteers in 1993 brought us Seacoast Outright today.

Kneeling Protestors

Black Lives Matter

Seacoast Outright stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Read our full statement here.

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