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Seacoast Outright offers a variety of services to support LGBTQ+ youth and to foster inclusive communities.

Queer Prom

Youth Groups

For Middle/ High School Ages

In-person Friday Night Group
Dungeons and Dragons
Halloween Party/ Alphabet Prom
and more!

For Elementary Ages

Monthly "Little Outrighters" Group

Holding Hands Up High

Parent Support

For Caregivers

Hybrid Support Group Meets the First Friday of every month


Support Call


Information listed within these pages are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement or professional advice. If you cannot find what you're looking for on the resources page, please feel free to contact us

Queer Prom


Seacoast Outright’s Educational Outreach Team is now offering a LGBTQIA+ Cultural Proficiency Training for community organizations, schools, businesses, and more!

Holding Hands Up High

Prism Partnership

With Big Brothers Big Sisters NH

In partnership with Seacoast Outright, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire launched PRISM in 2019. The PRISM program connects LGBTQ+ youth with affirming adult mentors who can relate to their experiences and/or be an ally in their corner.

Support Call

Other partnerships

Waypoint Rochester Drop- In

Monthly Collaborative Group for ages 13-18 and 18-24.

Mental Health Initiative

Coming Soon!

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