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TREVOR PROJECT 24/7 HOTLINE: 866-488-7386


New Hampshire
Gender Diverse Care Coalition of New Hampshire 


Provides a list of transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse affirming resources in New Hampshire and surrounding states, created through client recommendations as well as professional networking.

Services listed:

  • Trans-specific primary medical care

  • Top surgeries

  • Bottom surgeries

  • Other gender affirming surgeries

  • Electrolysis

  • Hormones

  • Mental health providers

  • Support groups

  • Hair stylists, barbers, and salons

  • Vocal training

  • ID/document change and legal resources

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Program

Manchester Office:

(603)-695-2790 | Website

Providers: Frances Lim-Liberty, MD, Luisa Aguiar, MD and Jessica Smith, APRN 

Lebanon Office: 

(603)-653-9877 | Website

Providers:  Frances Lim-Liberty, MD and Jessica Smith, APRN 

Services Offered:

Concord Hospital Endocrinology - Concord 

(603) 230-5645| Website

Provider: Matthew F. Kamil, MD

Services Offered:​

  • Hormonal treatment for gender dysphoria

Equality Health Center - Concord

(603) 225-2739 | Website

Populations Served: Teens and Adults

LGBTQ-Affirming Health Services Provided:​​

Fiens Plastic & Cosmetic - Manchester

(603) 647-4430 | Website Unavailable

Provider: Dr. Robert S. Feins


  • Transgender plastic surgery- Top surgery

*Note: there are mixed reviews of the trans competency of this provider

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England 

1-866-476-1321 | Website

*All locations offer telehealth services*

Services Offered By Location:


  • LGBTQ services: education, resources, service referrals, PrEP for HIV prevention

  • STI Testing, treatment, and vaccines

  • HIV testing, education, referrals

  • Primary Care

  • Birth control


  • LGBTQ services: education, resources, service referrals, PrEP for HIV prevention

  • STI Testing, treatment, and vaccines

  • HIV testing, education, referrals

  • Primary Care

  • Birth control


  • LGBTQ services: education, resources, service referrals, PrEP for HIV prevention

  • STI Testing, treatment, and vaccines

  • HIV testing, education, referrals

  • Primary Care

  • Birth control


  • LGBTQ services: PrEP for HIV prevention

  • STI Testing, treatment, and vaccines

  • HIV testing, education, referrals

  • Primary Care

  • Birth control


  • LGBTQ services: education, resources, service referrals, Hormone Replacement Therapy, PrEP for HIV prevention

  • STI Testing, treatment, and vaccines

  • HIV testing, education, referrals

  • Primary Care

  • Birth control

Trans Hormone Clinic - Nashua 

(603) 267-4114 | Website

Provider: Elizabeth Mitchell, RN, MS, FNP-BC

*telehealth services provided during COVID-19 pandemic*

Services Provided:

  • gender-affirming hormone therapy

  • health and wellness consultations for: preventive health care topics, nutrition, chronic disease management, etc.

UNH - Durham

(603) 862-9355 | Website

Population Served: UNH Students

*Telehealth services provided*

Services Provided:

  • Standard health exams

  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy/Hormone replacement therapy

  • Information regarding providers of Gender Confirmation Surgery

*Note: contact Felicia Brackett, Supervisor of Health Records and Registration, at (603) 862-4557 to have your name, correct pronouns, and correct gender marker noted in your electronic health record if they differ than what is listed on legal documents

Loverling Health Center- Greenland

(603) 436-7588| Website

Serves the Greater Seacoast NH area (including Northern Massachusetts and Southern Maine)

*Telehealth options available*

Services Provided:

  • Transgender & LGBTQ+ Health

    • Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (18+)​

    • Onsite self-injections and injection education and support 

    • Referrals & Community Resources

  • STI testing​

  • HIV Testing & Prevention with PrEP

  • Birth Control & Emergency Contraception

  • Pregnancy Testing & Abortion Services

  • Wellness Exams


Frannie Peabody Center - Portland

(207) 774-6877 | Website

Population Served: People living with HIV/AIDs in Maine

Services Provided:

  • Comprehensive HIV case management

  • Housing assistance for eligible individuals living with HIV/AIDs in Maine

  • Low-barrier mental health counseling

  • Prevention services (testing, outreach, and education)​

Gender Clinic at the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital -  Portland

(207) 662-5522 or (866) 860-6277 | Website

Program Coordinator: Brandy Brown

Contact: (207) 662-5093

Population Served: Transgender or gender diverse youth across Northern New England

Services offered:

  • Mental Health Services 

  • Psychiatric Medication Management

  • Endocrine assessment & monitoring

  • Menstrual suppression

  • Puberty blockers

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy

  • Referrals to additional community resources

  • Working in collaboration with outside providers and schools

Online Resources:

Mabel Wadsworth Center - Bangor

(207) 947-5337 | Website |

*Offers Reduced Cost Care*

Transgender Resources Packet

Email Client Advocate Aspen Ruhlin (they/them) with questions or suggestions at

LGBTQ+ Services Offered:

  • Annual wellness exams

  • Cancer screenings (breast/chest & cervical)

  • STI testing and treatment

  • HIV testing

  • Safer sex and risk-reduction education

  • Birth control and options education

  • Pregnancy care

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy

  • Mental health counseling

  • Client advocacy

Maine Health Equity Alliance  

Website |

Bangor: (207) 990-3626

Belfast: (207) 249-8916

Ellsworth: (207) 667-3506

Machias: (207) 255-5849

Rockland: (207) 701-1981

Services (provided at all locations):

  • HIV Care

    • Medical Case Management​

    • Support Groups (Contact Cody Harriman at

    • Testing (HIV and HEP-C) by appointment

  • LGBTQ+ Services​

  • Harm Reduction Services

    • Syringe/Needle Services

    • Naloxone Training & Distribution​​

  • Online Youth Group​

Maine Family Planning 

(207) 922-3222 | Website

*Listed Gender-Affirming Care offered at Lewiston, Augusta, Norway, Belfast, Presque Isle, Fort Kent, and Waterville locations*

*Sliding fee scale offered for gender-affirming care*

Populations Served: Everyone, however gender-affirming hormone therapy for 18+ trans people

Services Offered:

  • Hormonal transition therapy & monitoring

  • Onsite self-injection lessons for hormone injections

  • Referrals to specialty providers & community resources

  • Yearly wellness visits, preventive care, birth control, safer sex supplies, STI testing/treatment, abortion


Manet Community Health Center 

857-358-7003 | Website |

*All emails are confidential and answered by  LGBTQ+ Ally Care team members

Services Offered:

  • Primary care, including immunizations and physical exams

  • HIV care and prevention

  • STI testing and treatment

  • OB-GYN and family planning services

  • Transgender health services and hormone therapy

  • Behavioral health counseling

  • Chronic disease management

  • Smoking cessation

  • Nutrition services

Boston Medical Center, Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery

(617) 638-1833 | Website |

Population Served: Adults

Non-Surgical Services Offered: 

  • Gender affirming primary care

  • Behavioral health

  • Endocrinology

  • Voice therapy

  • OB GYN services

  • Infectious disease care

  • Nutrition and wellness services

Surgical Services Offered:

  • Neovaginoplasty

  • Genital Remodeling Surgery

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Chest Reconstruction

  • Orchiectomy

  • Hysterectomy

Boston Medial Center, Child and Adolescent Transgender Center for Health

617.414.4841 | Website

Population Served: Children, adolescents, and young adults identifying as transgender, nonbinary, or exploring gender.

*Provider listed as speaking English and Spanish*

*Services factor in patient's current medication/process step, pubertal status, and age*

Services Offered:

  • Parent education and family support

  • Individual therapeutic support, including connection to community resources

  • Onsite hormone blockers (injections and implants)

  • Gender-affirming hormone therapy

  • Referral and care coordination with other Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery services

Fenway Health, Trans Health Program- Boston 

(857) 313-6589 | Website |

Clinic Scheduling: (617) 927-6000, (617) 247-7555, (617) 457-8140 (location serves ages 12-19)

Services Offered:

  • Psychotherapy and support groups

  • Self-Injection Guidance and Needle & Syringe Disposal

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy

  • Puberty blockers for minors

Other Services Offered at Fenway Health:

  • Primary care, immunizations, and flu shots

  • OB & GYN care, birth control, and emergency contraception

  • HIV & STI Counseling and Testing

  • Nutrition services

  • LGBTQIA+ family and parenting services

Tapestry Health - Western Massachusetts

(413) 586-2016 | Website |

14 locations across western Massachusetts, including services via mobile outreach van

*Sliding scale payment options offered for those without insurance or those that cannot safely use their health insurance to access care*

*Services are confidential and provided regardless of immigration status*

Services Offered:

  • Birth control, pregnancy testing, and emergency contraceptives

  • STI & HIV testing, treatment, and prevention

  • Gender affirming hormone therapy

  • Pelvic exams, pap testing, and breast cancer screenings

  • Sexual education

  • Drug use harm reduction services (walk-ins and mobile services available)

  • Food access & family nutrition services